May 25th 
                         Last Day for Students
                  Warrior Olympics 9:30-1:00pm
                     School Dismissed at 1:00pm                                                                 

Student Art Show
April 18th-26th

Up Coming Events......
April 20th--3rd Grade Math Test
April 23rd--Battle of the Books Trip to Tulsa
April 24th--4th Grade ELA Test
                   5th Grade Math Test
                   8th Grade Math Test
                   Pre-K Enrollment 5:30-6:30p.m.
April 25th--4th Grade ELA Reading Test
                  5th Grade Math Test
                  6th/7th Grade ELA Reading Test
                  6th/7th Grades to Woolaroc 12:45-                            2:45p.m. 
April 26th--5th Grade Science Test
                   8th Grade Science Test
April 27th--6th/7th Math Test
                   Spirit Rally 2:20p.m.
April 28th--ORES State Track Meet